Schwarm im Baum


Dear Beetree scientists and enthusiasts,

in some places in Germany the first swarms are just about to leave the colonies or have perhaps already done so. In the last years we recorded information on swarming (mainly) in the city of Munich with the help of the Munich Stadtimker community.

This year we would like to extend the recording of swarms (from both wild living and managed colonies) and therefore calling out to you. If you have observed swarms this year already or will do so in the future, please enter them briefly at (German form only but should be easy enough)

The data will help us determine the point in time when a wild living colony could also be a new swarm. With the help of the crowd we can also compare whether there are differences in the swarming season across Germany.

Also feel free to forward this e-mail to your beekeeping association or other interested parties. We will let you know about the results as soon as we have finished the evaluation.

Regards and thanks for your help

Benjamin, Felix and Sebastian